Physical Wellness and Mindset

This lesson we are working on physical wellness and mindset. This video is pre-recorded, so please excuse any date references because they are not applicable to your current class. It also mentions a practice coaching session involving previous students but we have not included that due to confidentiality. You all also get your own practice coaching time 🙂

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This is our PDF

The segment below features nutritionist, Libby Parker on the cycle of binging and restricting. You may find her teachings helpful when coaching clients, but please remember to always refer out to medical or psychiatric professionals when clients need more than the realm of coaching provides. We will be talking more about that at a later time.

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The next segment below features renowned speaker and best-selling author, Belinda Ellsworth. She is speaking on goal setting and time management.

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The next segment below features Dr. Ryan Fell on the topic of sleep. Dr. Fell took his passions for health, athletics, and performance and has combined them into the ultimate coaching package. A former division one wrestler, Ryan has since obtained his Pharm. D., genetic and epigenetic coaching certification, and Certified Sports Nutritionist certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). Ryan help’s busy athletes and top performers simplify, personalize, and optimize their nutrition so they can stop the diets and start winning.

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