Hello and welcome to the University of Wellness Self- Paced Holistic Life Coaching Certification!

We are so excited you are joining us and look forward to helping you strengthen your practice over the next six months. Before we begin, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the format of our program by checking out the syllabus below. Please note that this is subject to change as necessary and you will be notified if changes need to occur. I am always adding new and exciting things!

This is our syllabus. Click this button to download it. Please keep in mind that we have adjusted the layout of our curriculum for this online platform, but you can find the original organization in your previous e-mails. We will be updating the syllabus for the alumni hub, which you will gain access to when you've graduated. You are getting more, not less. It's just being re-organized while we grow!

You will see our orientation recording below:

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/294367253/9e417be9c6″ align=”center” /]

You will find the list of ICF Core Competencies as mentioned in the recording by clicking this button.