Elements of Wellness Coaching

Elements of Wellness Coaching revolves around nine areas of health and wellness because the University of Wellness recognizes that all elements have the power to impact a person’s life. When one element is out of balance, there is usually another element that needs to be healed as well.


Wellness is more than just physical activity and the food we eat. Our coaches are trained and educated in all nine elements of wellness and can help any client reach any goal. This coaching is designed to help clients have all the confidence and resources they need to live the life they love. If you are ready to begin this process, please contact us today for your free consultation!

Private Coaching

All clients are first given an Elements of Wellness Assessment and a follow- up strategic plan is provided to them.

Following the initial session, each client will have weekly or bi- monthly sessions in which the following will occur:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Identifying core needs, goals, and desires
  • Creating a clear intention statement for all areas of life including academic areas
  • Setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals
  • Individualized follow- Up exercises

Optional Predetermined Services Based on client Needs: Emotional Freedom Technique, Guided Visualization, Affirmations, , Journaling, Personal Peace Procedure, etc.

The nine Elements of Wellness are:

Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness is the ability to live each day in a state of physical progression. The path to physical wellness is extremely individualized to incorporate specific client needs. Our coaches are trained in a variety of exercise modalities to help clients reach their goals.

Nutritional Wellness
Nutritional wellness is the ability to provide one’s body with only good quality nutrition. Our expert coaches are trained in many dietary theories and will help clients find which ones work best, while providing guidelines and tools that work for everyone.

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Wellness is the ability to connect with something greater than yourself. When you are spiritually well, you are capable of finding balance, harmony, and purpose in your life and you are able to manage daily stress and set-backs in a healthy manner. Our spiritual coaching is designed to help clients connect with the highest version of themselves. Our coaches will guide clients through connecting with their own personal purpose.

Entrepreneurial Wellness
Entrepreneurial wellness is the ability to create one’s own business and still remain balanced and fulfilled. Whether clients want to start a business and need assistance or they are already in business and need to grow, we have the right resources to offer them. Our coaches will guide clients to achieve all of their business goals.

Occupational Wellness
Occupational wellness is the ability to get personal fulfillment from one’s chosen career field while still maintaining his or her life. Our education platform, currently in the final stages of development, will provide one with all the resources he or she needs to live out career dreams. Whether they are an artist, lawyer, or musician, we can aid them in making the right career choices. It is never too late to enhance one’s skill set or change directions completely. Trainings and guidance are the tools we provide to take clients to a place where the gifts and talents they possess can be cultivated and shared with those who need them.

Intellectual Wellness
Intellectual wellness is the ability to open one’s mind to new information and education. The desire to learn new trades, improve skills, or get a college degree are intellectual goals. Clients and coaches will be provided with education and resources they need to achieve their life goals.

Financial Wellness
Financial wellness is very important when trying to reach wellness goals. When a person’s finances are in order, the rest of their life is more manageable. We provide our clients with education and assistance to help them meet all of their financial goals. From credit education to investment opportunities, our coaches will help them create a financial plan so that they can live an optimal life.

Social Wellness
Social wellness is the ability to relate and connect with people in one’s world. Connection with other people is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Coaches will learn how to host to a variety of networking events to help themselves and clients feel more comfortable around new and professional people. Strategies will be provided which will allow coaches to educate clients on how to have more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Emotional Wellness
Emotional Wellness is the ability to understand and cope with all of life’s challenges. Our coaching will help people understand what is holding them back in their lives and guide them to the right resources and education to overcome these obstacles. Our coaches will be equipped to help clients cope with fear, anger, sadness, stress, love, joy, and happiness.