Resort Consulting

We offer a full suite of services to assist resorts in research, development, and implementation of a successful signature wellness program. Our services include:

  • Conduct a market analysis and site analysis to determine the best wellness programs and services to initiate.
  • Create a profit plan, along with financial forecasts and analysis.
  • Create retreats and programming, recruiting speakers from all over the globe who are experts in their areas of wellness and healing.
  • Bring in guest healers from local areas.
  • Overall business operations planning and development.
  • Complete a strategic marketing and branding plan for the wellness department.
  • Create Corporate wellness programs for employees and local businesses.
  • Add value to the sales and marketing team by offering leadership retreats to existing companies.
  • Develop affiliate and referral programs.
  • Conduct any strategic negotiations on your behalf.
  • Collaborate with sales teams to promote wellness seminars, while also enhancing existing programming with additional speakers and expertise.
  • Assess and upgrade the overall business model, including setting, updating, and evaluating all spa, wellness, and retreat goals.
  • Strengthening web marketing to include more engaging opt-ins and follow-up options for guests and retreat attendees.
  • Provide social media marketing and blog posts about upcoming retreats and events.

Retreat Consulting for Resorts or Private Businesses

Planning for a retreat should be as easy as going on one. With University of Wellness, you can spend your time enjoying your retreat instead of worrying about all of the details. We plan relaxing, educational retreats that accomplish your business objectives and provide a good return on investment. Our retreat consulting packages include:

  • Setting, updating, and evaluating all of your retreat goals.
  • Creating your sales and marketing plan.
  • Researching and developing a plan for your niche.
  • Identifying the location.
  • Creating a comprehensive program.
  • Follow-up activities after the retreat.
  • Developing opt-in notifications for future communication with attendees

Looking for even more support? In addition to the above, we also offer:

  • Strategic negotiations for the event on your behalf.
  • A comprehensive sales and marketing plan.
  • Deployment of your affiliate program.
  • Creation of programs leading up to the retreat and after.
  • Assisting in any sales efforts virtually.
  • Assisting in training volunteers for the event.
  • Hands-on help for the length of the retreat.

For more information or to schedule a consultation,
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