About Us

The birth of the University of Wellness was driven by blind faith, and a burning desire to revolutionize the wellness and fitness education landscape. It emerged from a personal journey of discovery, where conventional certifications failed to satisfy my desire for comprehensive wellness education. Each certification served as a stepping stone towards a greater realization that the industry lacked the standards and depth necessary to truly transform lives. This ignited a passion for innovation, and the University of Wellness emerged as the answer to this pressing need.

As a former fitness and wellness director for over a decade, I observed a crucial missing piece in the industry: compassion. True transformation requires not only knowledge but also a deep understanding of the human experience. This void compelled me to craft a new generation of wellness professionals who could not only educate but also empathize with their clients on a profound level.

My quest for excellence took me around the globe, accumulating an arsenal of certifications and insights from conferences. This diverse tapestry of knowledge allowed me to create my own unique undergraduate degree at West Virginia University, followed by a master’s degree in business. My search for knowledge and expertise took me across the world, attending conferences and acquiring various certifications and eventually getting a doctorate in executive leadership specializing in emotional intelligence and organizational psychology.

The University of Wellness is not just an institution; it’s a sanctuary for the pursuit of excellence in wellness education. Our certifications go beyond theory, demanding practical experience to empower students to offer affordable private services to consumers. In a nation grappling with high obesity rates and soaring healthcare costs, we believe that by nurturing compassionate and well-rounded wellness professionals, we can ignite a spark of change that ripples through the world.

Our mission is to assemble the best and brightest in the industry, uniting forces to kickstart a chain reaction that will redefine the future of wellness education.

Dr. Kerissa Kuis, MBA