About Us

af9f631e36a61c11a6696f661493d296The University of Wellness was formed for numerous reasons. Before creating the University of Wellness, I was taking many wellness and fitness certifications. With each one, I was noticing that they were far too short in duration and they did not provide me with a very practical education. I would leave the certification programs feeling as if I had not actually learned anything worthwhile, and even worse, I felt like I had nothing to offer my clients. I began researching the industry only to find that there were no standards in place for most certifications. I knew these programs could be so much more and this is how the University of Wellness was born.

In addition, I worked as a fitness and wellness director for over ten years and I noticed that a lot of fitness professionals lacked compassion for their clients which is a quality that is desperately needed in order to change lives. Observing this for many years, I began to develop a strong passion to create the wellness professionals of the future that were not only educated but could relate to their clients on many levels.

Over the course of the past ten years, I have traveled the world taking many fitness and wellness certifications and attending conferences so that I could partner with and create the most cutting edge wellness education on the planet. I was even able to combine all of these certifications and trainings to create my own undergraduate degree at West Virginia University and that led me to a masters degree in business.

The goal of the University of Wellness is for it to be a safe place for finding the best wellness education in the industry. In addition, all of our certifications require practical experience from the student so that we can offer private services to consumers at a very affordable rate. We are living in a country with a high obesity rate and health care costs that are astronomical. We are confident that by creating compassionate and educated wellness professionals that we will truly motivate and inspire change within the world.

It is our mission to unite the best of the best professionals in the industry so that we can start the chain that changes the world.

Kerissa Kuis, MBA | CEO/Founder