Share Your Passion

Share your passion for the many positive aspects of the ancient practice that continues to gain popularity as its benefits continue to be realized!  Learn how to convey the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and especially the spiritual attributes of yoga to others in a safe, effective, and adaptable way.

Our teacher training program is like no other because it consists of technical and practical qualities of yoga, presented in an approachable, lighthearted way.

Meet Our Trainers & Faculty

Founder and Director of the University of Wellness, Kerissa Kuis, MBA, RYT, along with Creative, Yoga Director, Christina Lee, EYRT, bring you their unique yoga certification program that offers all the tools and understanding you need to become a competent and confident instructor of the signature University of Wellness teaching style and content.

By drawing on her extensive business and entrepreneurial backgrounds in addition to her growing spiritual life coaching and other certification trainings, Kerissa (also an ordained minister, author, counselor, consultant, nutrition, business, fitness coach, and intuitive) provides an array of user-friendly, practical teaching skills that also maintain an honest and open insight that infuses her contribution to the teacher training, every step of the way.  Although spiritual connections and awareness are her forte, Kerissa excels at conveying many aspects of yoga and related concepts which she is looking forward to sharing with you.

Christina (Tina), Director of Mountain Arts, offers individualized curricula within a broader framework thus benefitting a wide variety of interest and fitness levels.  She enjoys incorporating her dance, fitness, and arts experience into her yoga practice, the classes she leads, and the programming she develops, such as her one-of-a-kind ‘YogaBlends’, and ‘Yoganatomy’.  Tina gears these learning experiences toward a diverse collection of venues and participants, always with an energetic sense of adventure.

Together, Kerissa and Tina are pleased to present a different type of Yoga Teacher Training with a personal touch!

Join Us to Explore & Expand

Explore and expand your knowledge of traditional yoga styles along with experiencing some contemporary perspectives, creative and technical teaching methods, in addition to experiencing state-of-the-art relaxation and meditation techniques you can impart to a wide range of clientele.  Delve deeper into your own practice in order to discover effective and powerful ways to teach others to teach others!

  • Geared toward the yoga instructor who desires to add valuable layers to their teaching repertoire, reaching a deeper appreciation and understanding of the art and science of yoga, thereby increasing their capacity to share yoga’s numerous features with a broader population.


Learn from the Best!

University of Wellness’ Yoga Teacher Training Certification includes a comprehensive program which incorporates coursework based on reading material by renowned authors and yogis, respected contributors, guest speakers, and instructors, in addition to our directors’ vast and varied combined experience at your disposal.


Gain a Thourough Repetoire of Knowledge & Experience the Opportunity to Apply Your New Learning

Our certification covers content from time-honored and alignment-based asana, breath awareness and pranayama, brain health and spiritual integration.

You will also receive:

  • A thorough introduction of the basics, as well as fresh and innovative approaches for subjects such as chakras and other energetic considerations, the history and philosophy of yoga, types of yoga, incorporating yoga into daily living, yoga and wellness, sport-specific and therapeutic yoga, and more.
  • Hands-on activities, based on topics like designing lesson plans, teaching to different levels, and finding your teaching voice.

Our program equips the progressive yoga instructor with a greater confidence and appreciation of yoga, which they can then pass on through their own teaching. 

You will be motivated to teach in fresh new ways, while inspiring and encouraging them on their own multi-faceted yoga journey.  We specialize in developing programming that is accessible to virtually any participant, with a positive approach.  We emphasize a mindful awareness of a strong physical practice as a basis for connecting to the numerous spiritual and other benefits of yoga.

  • Our six-month certification course consists of three Fridays per month, a required retreat weekend at a nearby location, in addition to required class attendance and practicum teaching.
  • The University of Wellness is a not-for-profit which exists to better the community and its residents through exploring and addressing many aspects of well-being. Scholarships and discounts are available, in addition to numerous programming options.


Also offered by the University of Wellness: Spiritual Life Coaching, our one-of-a-kind Dual Certification – Spiritual Life Coaching and Yoga Teacher Training, Fitness Training Certification, and Soul Stretch Workshops for which CEU’s are available.

Our first University of Wellness Teacher Training Certification Course is scheduled to begin this May, 2018!  Don’t miss the early registration rate.  Call Kerissa at the University of Wellness for more information and to register.

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