Self Care and Self Love for Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Getting Yourself Ready

This lesson will explore the nine elements of wellness and defining what it means to be healthy in each area. We will also begin to examine the power of Divine days through routines.


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Module 2 Notes

This is the recording of the amazing, best-selling author, Iman Gatti’s guest speaker segment about forgiveness, healing, and more. The video password is coach. She is a speaker, author, and empowerment trainer.

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Here is a link to Iman Gatti's book.


This is another guest speaker segment featuring Kim Gupta on the topic of Feng Shui.

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I prefer to call it love-work because it’s the beginning of this amazing process.

Please click the button and set aside some time to complete this questionnaire. This is due in one week.

Start Your Love Work

Bonus homework for your personal journal is to answer the following journal prompts:

(Take a deep breath, get into a grounded space, and allow yourself to write from your heart. )

  • What areas of your own life do you need to “clean up” or align?
  • Is there anything holding you back from being the coach you desire to be?
  • What self-care rituals will you create this week?
  • In order to be an amazing coach, I need. . .

Please respond to these in your personal journal, but also feel free to post about your realizations in the Facebook group. I would love for you to e-mail me your thoughts if you feel comfortable so that I can get to know you even more.