Financial Wellness: Part 2

Financial Wellness is a multi-lesson module because not only do we need integration time, but there are some supplemental course materials and videos to become familiar with.

Please begin or continue reading Kate Northrup”s Money, a Love Story.

Next week, we will begin Spiritual Wellness and we want you to see how Kate ties our spiritual wellbeing together with our financial wellbeing.

Your assignments for this week are the following:

-Watch “It’s Spiritual to be Rich” with Kate Northrup

-Watch as Barbara Stanny Huson discusses profit and money as a spiritual practice.

-Reflect and post in the Facebook group with one financial action step that you are going to get started with this week.

I also recommend checking out Barbara Stanny’s book Sacred Success.

Please take the time to engage in these resources and let me know if you have any questions!