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Program Details

These details are provided within the materials as well. 

Dates: ****Self- paced is ALL the time- any dates listed refer to our live class.****

Early bird pricing ends April 15th, Class begins May 7th

Promo Period: March 20 to May 7th (3-4 social posts + 1 newsletter mention, 2 solo emails to list)

About: The University of Wellness Holistic Life Coaching Certification is a 6-month online rigorous training program that focuses on each of the nine Elements of Wellness so that participants will be able to coach people through their biggest obstacles. It is designed for aspiring and current coaches who need a proven system to use with their clients. This year’s live program begins May 7th and includes 24 weeks of training, including guest speakers, and personal coaching support.

We created this program to teach wellness professionals how to:

– build a heart-centered business

– use spiritual techniques, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Card Readings, and Reiki

– use sales skills that place you ahead of your competition

– negotiate like a pro

– hold yourself to the highest of ethical standards

– acquire speaking engagements and master techniques used by expert public speakers

– host your own first-class retreats

– create digital products people love

– build a tribe of loving fans/potential clients