Spiritual Fitness Certification

Are you interested in becoming a personal trainer? Are you an existing personal trainer who needs to increase sales and clients so that you can create an abundant income? Are you preparing to take the NASM exam, but have no idea where to start? Are you willing to move beyond conventional personal training and step into a powerful shift emerging within the industry which will allow you to achieve complete lifestyle transformation within yourself and within clients? If so, our Spiritual Fitness Program was created just for you!

We’ve partnered with NASM as an academic partner, so that you will receive everything you need to achieve greatness in the personal training industry. This program is a perfect marriage of content because it not only combines personal training and business, but it provides you with an amazing framework for transformation.


In this 2 day intensive, you will learn and experience the ins and outs of:


Combining personal training expertise with incredible business skills which will allow you to increase your income exponentially

  • Starting from the Ground Up: Building a client-base, Defining Your Niche and Ideal Clients, Calling in Your Ideal Clients, Business Planning, Sales and Marketing


Training clients from the inside out, learning to focus not only on physical transformation but on complete transformation

  • Holistic Assessment: Elements of Wellness Questionnaire
  • Becoming Clear: Setting Intention Statements and Goals; Following-Up
  • Role of Meditation and Guided Mediation
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Creating a Partnership and Safe Atmosphere with Clients


Essentials of Personal Training

  • Includes: NASM Test Prep Workbook
  • Learning all of the essentials of personal training so that you will not only pass the NASM exam, but you will excel within the industry! This portion of this intensive includes instruction on the following:
    • Human Movement System
    • Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model
    • Domains of Exercise Science
    • Assessment
    • Exercise Technique
    • Program Design
    • Nutritional Considerations
    • Client Relations and Behavioral Coaching
    • Professional Development, Practice, and Responsibility