Morgantown Scholarship Fund

We are incredibly excited to be creating and managing all of the fitness & wellness programs inside of the new Mylan Park Aquatic Center. Our teachers, students, and graduates will lead the classes and services for the community. To help the community reach their health and wellness goals, we are setting up a scholarship fund that will launch at the beginning of 2020. Scholarships will be for students who have a passion for working in the health and wellness field to be able to receive certifications and for members of the community to be able to attend classes at the Aquatic Center who would not usually have the financial means to attend.

All donations will be shared on our website, social media, press releases, internal newsletters, and you can choose which program you would like to support.

Donation Types:

Community Programs:
One Fitness & Wellness Class held at the Mylan Park Aquatic Center-$15.00
10 Fitness & Wellness Classes held at the Mylan Park Aquatic Center-$130.00
20 Fitness & Wellness Classes held at the Mylan Park Aquatic Center-$200.00
1 Full-Day Wellness or Leadership Retreat held at the Mylan Park Aquatic Center-$299.00

Student Certifications:
National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training School-$1,500.00
Registered Yoga Teacher Training-$2,500.00
Holistic Health Coaching Certification-$4,000.00

Click here to make your donation:

You may also choose to donate any desired amount.  All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt. We appreciate your support in helping to create a healthier and happier Morgantown.  For more information on the University of Wellness please visit You can also reach our Founder/CEO by calling 304.685.6009 or e-mailing