This school is designed to help you become a master creator of your own life and become the best version of yourself, whether you go on to have a career in wellness or something else. Students in this course will learn basic coaching skills, coaching industry ins and outs, mindset mastery, and manifesting success.  

This is a mindset school that you can take even if you never attend the University of Wellness for a certification but it’s also credited toward our certifications if and when you decide to go for it.  Coaching skills and information is included so that you can apply what you learn to your already existing or upcoming career.

Each module will give you:

  • Weekly empowering pre-recorded educational segments that will answer your most frequently asked questions and help you to prepare your mind and life to align with your future career as a wellness professional.
  • Self- development segments that will help you as a wellness professional by guiding you to improve every area of your life. This both includes self- care and personal development.
  • Activities that will help you go beyond your limiting beliefs so that you can transform in ways that allow you to live your dreams.
  • Weekly recordings and PDFs to guide you every step of the way.
  • Monthly group coaching calls.

Week 1

Orientation & Your Questions Answered

You will learn what to expect during six weeks of Prep School.

  • What is a Holistic Life Coach?
  • What do I need to be to be an effective coach?
  • What are the other careers I could pursue within the wellness profession?
  • Why is it important to attend an accredited school?

You will also learn:

  • What sets you apart in the wellness industry when you become part of the University of Wellness legacy.
  • Ideals and ethics that are needed to succeed in the Life Coaching profession and other wellness- supporting professions such as personal training, angel card reading, yoga training and more.
  • Trends in the industry, accreditation, and other information wellness professionals need to understand – all while working on personal development.
  • Principles from A Course in Miracles Teacher’s Manual

Week 2

Busting through Blocks

  • Build an awareness of the ways in which you are holding yourself back.
  • Identify your biggest fears so that you can let them all go.
  • Learn techniques to bust through what’s stopping you and finally move forward!  
  • Gain all the support you need to eliminate these fears by taking action.
  • You will develop routines and daily self-care habits to take your confidence to the next level.  This is where your new habits will become rooted.
  • Explore and build your relationship with yourself. Once you begin to strengthen your self- relationship, willingness to release old self- attacking patterns will arise.
  • Improve relationships with others by improving your relationship with yourself.

Week 3

Map Your Dreams

  • Are you able to identify how fear has blocked your life’s flow? Many of us could use more clarity in this area.
  • Learn manifesting techniques for a business and life full of miracles.  
  • Explore your dreams, goals, skills, and passions so that you will gain clarity and begin mapping your individualized plans for your life, wellness, and career.

Week 4

Sharing Your Authentic Self with the World

  • Week four is all about learning tools and strategies for tapping into your own voice so that you can share yourself with the world in ways that leave a positive mark.
  • Uncover how to identify your unique mission. Teachings from A Course in Miracles will be examined in the context of the connection between our ego versus our reality.
  • We’ll explore strategies for speaking your truth and shining with authenticity.

Week 5

Attracting Abundance

  • Regardless of your relationship with money, this week will help you create a relationship with your finances that will help you live life freely.
  • Receive tools to examine your money situation and any blocks to money that you have.

Week 6

Time to Rise

  • You’re ready!  You’re ready to take on the challenges that have always held you back. During the final week of Prep School, you will be transforming to create a life of purpose so that you are ready to shine your divine light on the world.
  • At this point, you’ll truly feel that it’s okay to trust the process and not know everything right away. You will set goals and envision your future. It’s time to rise!

I really can't say enough about the University of Wellness coaching certification and programming. I was already a certified coach before signing up for this but something kept nudging me to take this particular course. The more I tried to ignore the budget (because logistically I was already a coach why would I need to do it again), the more persistent the nudge became. So I finally listened to the universe and boy am I glad I did!! In just a few weeks, I learned far more than I ever did in any other coaching certification program and the support from the entire group is incredible! I highly recommend this program!!

Neli Hession

Health Coach

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