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Do you…

…have a desire to lead people to live healthier and happier lives?

…want to guide people through transformational changes that allow them to live lives they love?

…want to create revolutionary retreats, digital products, or group programs?

…want to learn transformational techniques to help clients make lasting lifestyle changes?

…desire to lead people to connect with the Divine within?

Are you ready to help others connect with their biggest dreams to reach beyond their maximum potential?


Yes? Then, this course is for you. 

If you’ve answered these questions with a “Yes!,” then the University of Wellness Holistic Life Coaching Certification Program is your next step in leading a massive revolution in the area of holistic wellness coaching.

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This program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a new or existing coach ready to level-up and expand your knowledge and your reach.
  • You have a burning desire to help others and you’re ready to dig deeper.
  • You know you have a purpose in helping others but you’re not sure how to monetize your gifts.
  • You desire to create world-class retreats, gain amazing speaking engagements, and give back to the world.
  • You are not swayed by the hype of taking advantage of people for financial gain.
  • You feel like you lack the business and sales training you need to be successful as a coach.
  • You are ready to be a revolutionary in the wellness coaching industry!


This program is designed for new coaches and existing coaches that need a proven system to use with their clients.

In addition to cutting-edge coach training, you will also receive unmatched business and holistic life coaching.

 >> Beginning March 14, 2017 <<

I truly believe that the Divine brought Kerissa and I together. Since the time we have started working together, there has been amazing energy that I feel every time I talk with her! She has been able to help me work through so many blocks and fears that I had with gentle and loving guidance and has helped me become clear on my goals. She has given me the confidence and tools to be able to create my own spiritual coaching business and has made the process easy and fun. Also, Kerissa ‘s intuition is incredible - every card reading she has done for me has been spot on! It never ceases to amaze me. She is truly a gifted and bright soul!

Ashley Nissen

Spiritual Life Coach/Therapist

What is a University of Wellness Coach?

We are trained to help clients connect to their own divine guidance within.

We believe that we have a power within that is far greater than ourselves. Our job as coaches is to allow our clients to connect with their own divine guidance within.

We honor every person’s beliefs and do not impose ours on them.

We are trained to support clients in their own goals. We do not simply tell people what to do. We do not impose our beliefs or products onto anyone.

We are passionate about helping people become the highest version of themselves.

Our job is to create a safe space for our clients to share their unique truths, ideas, and aspirations. We help people clarify dreams and goals.

We support our clients and keep them accountable in taking action.

We help guide them and keep them accountable on their own paths. To achieve this, we provide our clients with a framework for clarity by guiding them to tap into their own guidance system. We give them tools to set goals, stay accountable, and keep their eyes on the prize.

We have abundance mindsets with financial integrity.

We uphold honest sales tactics at all times. We maintain a consistent pricing structure that is consistent with our target market. We do not promote materialism to entice individuals to our coaching. Our results are our selling-points.

We value individual spiritual growth and are life-long learners.

As we move along the many paths toward greater enlightenment and awakening, we express gratitude as we honor the unique beliefs of our clients. We also highly value continuing education. We recognize that the strategies which work for one, do not work for all. We aim to stay current with our education. Students are required to participate in continuing education on a regular basis. We are continually allowing opportunities into our lives to expand our knowledge and our reach.

We lovingly lead and guide.

Universal love is the force in which we use to operate. We have a ton of knowledge and tools, though we never push any specific theories (dietary, spiritual, fitness, etc.) Our client’s needs are first.. We support our clients, but we do not do the work for them. We provide our clients with tools and strategies, while also helping them be accountable and progressive.

We are authentic in all areas of life.

We value honesty and authenticity as top priorities. We practice what we preach and admit perfection is impractical. We are consistent.

We are unapologetic about self-care.

We honor and take care of ourselves in every way. We have daily non- negotiable self-care and spiritual practice. We know that in order to serve others, we must first serve ourselves.

We are speakers, teachers, healers, and the leaders of the future.

We are compassionate and on a mission! Our eyes are open. We are fully aware that there is a higher energy moving all things on the planet into a place of unconditional love and higher vibration. We allow ourselves and our clients to rely on personal internal wisdom as our guidance system. We work just as hard on ourselves as we do on our businesses. You can find our coaches working in corporations, owning their own businesses, or coaching to enhance their current profession. We speak, teach, and lead the future.

Join us starting March 14.
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Kerissa was, and continues to be, a SHINING LIGHT...not only in my Coaching career, but also in my life. Through her very detailed and nurturing Holistic Life Coaching Program, and mentorship...I have been blessed with the knowledge and the wings to help me fly in my Coaching business. Each module was carefully crafted and presented to me in such detail and
she made sure that I was fully supported. If I was ever stuck on something, or didn’t understand a concept, I felt comfortable enough to ask her, and I was able to get the guidance I needed.

What I loved most about Kerissa and her program, was the connection I felt with her. She has a way of seeing you and understanding you. And I felt so at ease with her. But there was still that accountability!! I made sure I finished my modules and assignments and stayed on track. When I felt like I was straying off of my heart centered track...Kerissa helped to ground me and bring me back to my core values….this is what I LOVE about her! She helps to give you the tools and the knowledge to help you succeed in your coaching business...but she also makes sure that you’re doing it in a heart centered manner.

With her guidance and love, my coaching business flourished with paying clients in less than 9 months. I am now running a successful and engaged Facebook group, filled with my ideal clients, and I am signing new clients every month.

Kerissa helped to lay down not just the coaching foundation for me...but also the love foundation that I’m able to bring my clients and my own family. She is truly a gem, and her program is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about Coaching and wants to start their own Coaching business on the right foot!

Kerissa...I am truly blessed to have you in my life...words cannot express my gratitude for everything you’ve brought into my life.

Louise Edu

Transformational Life Coach

Why Did I Create this Certification?

University of Wellness, Kerissa Kuis, Holistic Life Coaching Program Over 15 years ago, I began working with clients on fitness and nutrition as a personal trainer and fitness manager. At the same time as I was helping individuals work through their life issues, I had experienced my own trauma and spiritual awakening. That trauma led me to realize that wellness is more than just fitness and nutrition- it’s all areas of our lives. If we aren’t happy on the inside, we will never be happy with what we have on the outside. During this time in my life, I ended up being introduced to the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer which totally transformed my life; this introduced me to a wide variety of Hay House authors and teachers who opened my mind and heart to beliefs and theories which I had not been open to previously.

I began to completely transform my life internally and externally. I started to create my own coaching system based on my life experiences, spiritual connection, education, and ideas that I learned from my amazing teachers. I gradually embarked on using a system where I helped people improve not just one or two areas of their lives, but all areas of their lives combined. I became very successful in helping people connect to a higher purpose.

I became more and more passionate every day;
I knew I wanted to merge all this experience, not only in wellness but also in business.
This is how this coaching certification was born.

I now have over fifteen years of business consulting and wellness experience, including an Executive Masters in Business Administration from West Virginia University and am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis in organizational psychology and advanced coaching skills. I am certified and trained in all areas of wellness; I have helped create and grow hundreds of wellness and heart-centered businesses in the last ten years. In addition, I also have created retreats for world-class resorts and digital courses for myself and clients; all of these were done not only for myself, but for my clients also. This certification course combines my education and experience, along with all the tools I have created in helping hundreds of wellness professionals be successful in their own unique career paths or businesses.

I’ve worked with Kerissa on two different occasions. The first time she helped my husband and I create our business from the ground up. We had already an idea, but we weren’t sure how to execute that idea into action. We knew nothing about business or the online world- we were brand spankin’ new!

I’m a new coach, and I worked with her one on one to help myself get more confident and comfortable with coaching skills and technique. She is an AH-mazing coach for coaches. She really walks you through the process, she runs scenarios, and gives you great examples of real life situations and how you can work through them. She’s always sending me exercises, handouts, mediations, coaching tips, pretty much anything to help me grow and become a better coach.

Kerissa supported us both practically and spiritually, which was exactly what we needed. Her beautiful, guided meditations allowed us to relax, let go of fears and nerves, and just center into our time together. Those mediations were so powerful. They helped us clear through the blocks that were holding us back, and helped us show up in a big big way!

Kerissa is so warm and open, and you instantly feel connected and close with her, like your old friends, which helped us feel comfortable right away.

She has invaluable resources, and such a kind, loving heart!! I can’t say it enough- working with Kerissa was an incredible experience, and I feel so blessed to have her as our/my coach.

Kimberly & Erran Gipson

Creators of Get Fit From Within

Our full program is in-depth and requires participants to attend a six- month online program beginning March 14.


Becoming a holistic life coach through our program requires serious dedication.

At the University of Wellness, we have partnerships with expert life coaches, business development experts, and therapists who all understand that wellness is more than just fitness and diet—it’s about being successful in all areas of one’s life.

It’s about balance.

That’s why we teach you everything you need to know to become the very best coach for your own clients. In each module, there is a spiritual foundation because we believe that we can only take you so far without showing you how to connect with your authentic self and with a higher power.

the 24 weekly classes begin on March 14.

This program provides amazing and rigorous training in each of the nine Elements of Wellness so that you will be able to coach people through their biggest obstacles.


Engage Weekly

We meet live, online each Tuesday for 90 minutes. Sessions are recorded, so that if you cannot attend live, you may watch at your convenience.

The twenty-four (24) thorough and engaging modules will cover everything from coaching skills and retreat creation to speaking engagements and sales strategies.

Also, you will have access to a closed Facebook Group ONLY for students. This will give you an opportunity to get to know each other and grow together through this dynamic course.


Guest Speakers

You will also hear from a variety guest speakers who are powerhouses within their industries! Their perspectives and experiences will provide an even more well-rounded point of view of this industry. The topics will range from transformational coaching skills to business branding.

Hold tight as we prepare the lineup. As soon as it’s finalized, we will share!


Personal Coaching Included

During this certification, you will be working on yourself, as well as on the curriculum. To support this aspect, each student will get a total of six (6) private sessions with a coach during his or her training.

Included are one (1) 90-minute strategy session with Kerissa Kuis, MBA, along with five (5) one-hour coaching sessions with a University of Wellness Holistic Life Coach.


In this dynamic certification program, you will:

  • Learn
    • how to build a heart-centered business
    • spiritual techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Angel Card Readings, and Reiki
    • sales skills that place you ahead of your competition
    • how to negotiate like a pro
    • about ethical standards that all business owners should know
    • how to acquire speaking engagements
    • how to speak with the techniques motivational expert public speakers use
    • what you need to know to hold your own first-class retreats
  • Create
    • digital products
    • Build your tribe
    • your own networking organizations and events
  • Attend
    • a first-class retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in March at a discounted rate. (Date TBA)
If you want a coach who is an expert at motivating and keeping high energy and passion alive
in your business, Kerissa is the ONE. No matter what, she is constant in her unwavering vision
of excellence and expansion and helped keep me focused on always spreading my wings. She
is full of insight and masterful at getting to underlying beliefs that may be in the way of full on
purposeful SHINE. I loved working with her! What a gift.

Zemirah Jazwierska

Founder of Kids’ Relaxation

Join us starting March 14
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Manifest Your Soul’s Desires Online Course
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“Truly inspiring leaders get results by their own example: They encourage others to be responsible and do the right thing…they create space for others to be inspired and to achieve their own greatness.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Dr. Wayne Dyer one of the most transformational teachers I’ve experienced. During this online course, you will learn to turn down the volume of your ego, and turn up the voice of your divine self!

Join Dr. Wayne Dyer in this engaging online video course as he teaches YOU how to fulfill YOUR true life’s purpose. With Special Guests and empowering spiritual teachers Anita Moorjani, Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlett Lewis.

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose & Discovering Your Infinite Light

  • Hear powerful spiritual lessons and personal stories from Dr. Wayne Dyer
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  • Discover why it’s important to listen to and be willing to follow your inner calling
  • Live in the Light of who you really are for more joy, peace, and purpose


This Exclusive Online Video Course Included FREE For You:

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