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I truly believe that the Divine brought Kerissa and I together. Since the time we have started working together, there has been amazing energy that I feel every time I talk with her! She has been able to help me work through so many blocks and fears that I had with gentle and loving guidance and has helped me become clear on my goals. She has given me the confidence and tools to be able to create my own spiritual coaching business and has made the process easy and fun. Also, Kerissa ‘s intuition is incredible - every card reading she has done for me has been spot on! It never ceases to amaze me. She is truly a gifted and bright soul!

Ashley Nissen

Spiritual Life Coach/Therapist

Why Did I Create This Certification?

University of Wellness, Kerissa Kuis, Holistic Life Coaching Program Over 15 years ago, I began working with clients on fitness and nutrition as a personal trainer and fitness manager. At the same time as I was helping individuals work through their life issues, I had experienced my own trauma and spiritual awakening. That trauma led me to realize that wellness is more than just fitness and nutrition- it’s all areas of our lives. If we aren’t happy on the inside, we will never be happy with what we have on the outside. During this time in my life, I ended up being introduced to the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer which totally transformed my life; this introduced me to a wide variety of Hay House authors and teachers who opened my mind and heart to beliefs and theories which I had not been open to previously.

I began to completely transform my life internally and externally. I started to create my own coaching system based on my life experiences, spiritual connection, education, and ideas that I learned from my amazing teachers. I gradually embarked on using a system where I helped people improve not just one or two areas of their lives, but all areas of their lives combined. I became very successful in helping people connect to a higher purpose.

I became more and more passionate every day;
I knew I wanted to merge all this experience, not only in wellness but also in business.
This is how this coaching certification was born.

I now have over fifteen years of business consulting and wellness experience, including an Executive Masters in Business Administration from West Virginia University and am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis in organizational psychology and advanced coaching skills. I am certified and trained in all areas of wellness; I have helped create and grow hundreds of wellness and heart-centered businesses in the last ten years. In addition, I also have created retreats for world-class resorts and digital courses for myself and clients. This certification course combines my education and experience, along with all the tools I have created in helping hundreds of wellness professionals be successful in their own unique career paths or businesses.

I’ve worked with Kerissa on two different occasions. The first time she helped my husband and I create our business from the ground up. We had already an idea, but we weren’t sure how to execute that idea into action. We knew nothing about business or the online world- we were brand spankin’ new!

I’m a new coach, and I worked with her one on one to help myself get more confident and comfortable with coaching skills and technique. She is an AH-mazing coach for coaches. She really walks you through the process, she runs scenarios, and gives you great examples of real life situations and how you can work through them. She’s always sending me exercises, handouts, meditations, coaching tips, pretty much anything to help me grow and become a better coach.

Kerissa supported us both practically and spiritually, which was exactly what we needed. Her beautiful, guided meditations allowed us to relax, let go of fears and nerves, and just center into our time together. Those meditations were so powerful. They helped us clear through the blocks that were holding us back, and helped us show up in a big big way!

Kerissa is so warm and open, and you instantly feel connected and close with her, like your old friends, which helped us feel comfortable right away.

She has invaluable resources, and such a kind, loving heart!! I can’t say it enough- working with Kerissa was an incredible experience, and I feel so blessed to have her as our/my coach.

Kimberly & Erran Gipson

Creators of Get Fit From Within

Learn from These Amazing Speakers

Emma Mildon

Emma Mildon, also known as the Spiritual Personal Assistant aka PA for your soul, is an International Columnist, #1 Best Selling Author, and spiritual philanthropist. Emma writes for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen,Wanderlust, Yoganonymous. Her best selling book, The Soul Searchers Handbook, (available on sale now) and was named by MindBodyGreen in their Top 10 Wellness Reads for 2016. Her courses in crystals, dreams, and tarot have become one of the most popular downloads on MindBodyGreen. Emma is currently working on her second book set for release in August 2017 with US publishing giant Simon & Schuster. She is also the Editor of Wabi Sabi Magazine, a conscious content magazine which celebrates all things yoga, wellness, organic beauty, and local business.

Emma writes and stands for all things living well. Including being well, fitness – yoga, meditation, exercise. Eating well – nutrition, balance (yes she eats chocolate and drinks wine). And, feeling well – natural and eco beauty, massage, travel, and self-development.

As a world traveler, she has sought out medicine men, healers, physicists, authors,  and artists to explore spirituality, channeling, and healing, and has also practiced meditation, yoga, and life coaching. Through it all, Emma has connected with like-minded soul searchers across the globe and aims to provide fun spiritual wisdom to her generation.


Barbara Savin

Barbara Savin is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Specialist with the California Health & Longevity Institute. She provides individualized energy healing sessions, as well as clinical and medical hypnosis for guests, clients, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, and has worked with some of the best entertainers in the world. She also wrote the amazing book, Gentle Energy Touch.

“Barbara has a very blessed way of moving energy. She is a servant of goodwill and promoting light.”~Pharrell Williams

Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar MS. award-winning author, adjunct biology professor, and researcher in the science of love. She is a two-time TEDx speaker, appearing at TEDxBocaRaton 2016 on How Your Brain Falls In Love and TEDxWestBrowardHigh 2016 on Falling in vs. Staying in Love. She was voted one of the Top 20 Most Followed Dating Experts on twitter and Best 28 Dating, Marriage and Relationship Blogs in the UK to follow in 2015.  Her work has been featured on South Florida Today, Miami Herald and NPR. Her new book is titled Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind, and Finding True Love.

Heather Regan

Heather Regan is a Soul Centered Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor and Life Coach on the team of NYT Bestselling Author, Gabby Bernstein. She received her Masters Degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling and is trained in Hypnosis, EFT, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation and many other Holistic Modalities. Heather has broken out of the mold of traditional psychotherapy by fusing modern psychology with spirituality and intellect with intuition. Heather helps women learn to break out of their patterns of filling voids with food, shopping, body shame and relationship drama and fill their spirits with authentic, whole hearted living instead. She is the creator of Therapy With Soul, PLLC and co-founder of Spiritual Entrepreneurs.Heather has a local and online practice and leads workshops and courses all over the world and online. She is the Director of Counseling Services at Methodist University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology. To listen to free meditations, check out her iTunes podcast, #SoulSpeaks Radio, which was named New and Noteworthy by iTunes.

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams is a best selling author, motivational speaker, life purpose consultant and Huffington Post Blogger who is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe. She believes that having fun and following your passion are the keys to finding true happiness and living a life of fulfillment and joy! She is passionate about helping unlock exactly what that means for you.

Suzanne was a speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and is excited to share with you her secrets to attracting happiness and freedom into your life! Suzanne is excited to be leading workshops and retreats around the world. She also loves to share her secrets to success with you through her books, digital courses, and inspirational talks.

Elyse Falzone

Elyse Falzone is a powerful, passionate Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in healing the inner child and awakening the Goddess within. Through her own struggles, she embarked on her own journey of self discovery, self expression and awakening to her soul’s gifts.  Through a spiritual and intuitive framework, Yoga, Reiki, Angel Tarot readings, Crystals, Energy Healing, Meditation and more, Elyse connects with her clients through an immersive & interactive experience, guiding them to let go, forgive and heal so they can honor their inner voice, surrender and use self-expression as the soul’s true purpose.

Jennah Lear

Jennah Lear is a Cleveland State University graduate with a business background from The Kauffman Foundation. She owns Blue Loui Studio, located in Lakewood, OH. As a Branding Designer, she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to co-creative impactful design for purpose-driven brands that tell their story, attract soul-aligned clients, AND increase their bottom line. Jennah is fiercely devoted to empowering women and promoting confidence in all aspects of life and business. She knows it starts with believing in yourself; when you do that, magical things start to happen.

Jill Gropper

Jill Gropper is a certified Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and the owner of Mind Body Balance Coaching.

Jill has completed Gabrielle Bernstein’s SpiritJunkieMasterclass both level 1 and 2. She is a Certified Gabrielle Bernstein Life Coach and has attended many other spiritual workshops and retreats with her Mentor.

Jill has integrated the mind body balance approach to health and wellness and has been guiding clients for over 15 years at Mind Body Balance LLC.

The recent expansion of her current business had taken her to higher levels of consciousness personally where she has been able to integrate the mindful approach to guiding her clients into their own divine intelligence through Meditation and LifeStyle Coaching. Taking her experience over the last decade in the Fitness industry and integrating her life credentials into her current business platform has been a magical, miraculous journey of abundance in more ways than she could have ever imagined. Jill has a passion for serving people and guiding them towards their own inner peace. Her vision is to expand awareness in the area of mindfulness and meditation and continue to create this movement towards living in the NOW, the present moment where life is filled joy and peace.

Kimberly Ficklin

Kimberly didn’t initially set out to become a nutritionist. Life was moving along as planned for this professional when illness forced her to take a serious detour. Refusing to be locked into a lifetime of endless drug prescriptions, she turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes for alternative solutions. In less than 6 months, she was on her way to living a completely different life – without the diagnosis, the prescriptions, or the consistent discomfort of her ailments. This was a catalyst for learning for Kimberly. She returned to school and currently holds a Certification in Practical Nutrition and is also a Certified Clinical Weight Loss Coach. Kimberly looks and feels better than ever – and she’s on a mission to assist others in transforming their reality through healthier holistic choices – from mind to tummy.

Kimberly’s passion stems from her own journey overcoming illness and stress in a busy corporate environment. A recovering stressed out corporate sales person turned recognized Nutrition Coach and public speaker, her personal mission is to help you live your most inspired life, where you are fully engaged taking care of yourself and making health a priority so that you can live the most amazing life possible. She specializes in helping busy professionals navigate self~care more easily and effectively. Her practical coaching style empowers her clients to have more energy, less stress, and an overall shift that brings vitality back to their lives. The heart of her belief is that small, simple steps daily can add up to big shifts in energy & vitality.


Jessica Castle

Since 2014, Jessica Castle has worked on dozens of 5-figure launches, and perfected the process to eliminate stress and overwhelm.  

Through her unique three-phase launch process, she creates successful launches that attract, convert and wow your ideal clients.

Tara LaDue

Tara LaDue is a Social Media Maven for Spiritual Entrepreneurs all over the world. She is currently writing her spiritual memoir, Came to Believe. She is a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Intuitive® Angel Card Reader™ and Assertiveness Life Coach.  She graduated from Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 and 2.  She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 10 years and will be taking Kundalini Teacher Training this year.  Tara resides in Pasadena, CA with her adorable Shih Tzu, Chester.  You can find out more about Tara at

In her latest course, Social Media Basics for Business, you will learn the ins and outs of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Tara will help you to grow your following organically and create posts authenticity infused with love.  She will help you find the joy in social media by connecting with people all over the world who share in your message.  Tara was able to grow her Social Media following substantially in under a year with the tips she will share with you.

Amber Rochelle

Amber Rochelle is an intuitive life coach and expert on sensitivity. She is devoted to helping highly sensitive women thrive in an often insensitive world. She works with women who struggle with constant anxiety, who’ve been told their whole lives that they were “too sensitive” and “too emotional,” helping them to manage their sensitivity so they can feel safe in this world and finally feel  confident in who they are. Known as “The Sensitive Badass™”,  Amber’s mission is to change the narrative in our culture around the word “sensitive” and to lead sensitive souls to a place of empowerment. She believes that sensitivity is a superpower if you choose to treat it as one and that this world desperately needs the healing powers that sensitives have to offer.

Kimberly and Erran Gipson

Kimberly and Erran Gipson are Travel Junkies, Students of A Course In Miracles, Adventurers, Spiritual Teachers, Writers, and Speakers. They have a passion for sharing spiritual lessons, inspiration and love all over the world. They’ve recently sold everything they own, quit their careers in healthcare, and began traveling around the world! As they teach lessons from their own personal life experiences, their hope is to crack people open to their truest desires and inspire others to dream big, step out of their comfort zones, follow their heart, connect to something greater, and to live a life full of Purpose, Passion, Fun, Freedom, and Intention! You can get to know Kim and Erran and follow their adventures on their YouTube Channel, Kim and Erran G and on their website

Iman Gatti

Iman Gatti is a life coach, speaker, writer and grief recovery specialist. She helps people heal past trauma and increase their confidence, self-love, quality of life and income.

Ali Katz

Ali Katz Author of “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” and “Get the Most Out of Motherhood” meditation, self-care, and mindful parenting coaching.