Four years ago, I sat down and wrote out my dream job description. I wrote down how much money I wanted to make, where I wanted to live, and exactly what I wanted to be doing. My list of desires included wanting to live close to family, travel when I wanted and have an international online school, among other things.

As I sit here writing this in my new house close to my family, I have alumni in India mentoring international students. I truly have amazing students all over the world.

“How did this happen,” I ask myself?

It’s simple. A ton of faith and a super clear vision for my life and business.

As I made this realization, I decided to give back by creating my Create Your Dream Life & Career Mini-Course that you can do in less than 45 minutes.  This mini-course includes an audio overview and introduction, meditation, and worksheet so that you can begin transforming your life in less than an hour!


University of Wellness, Kerissa Kuis, Holistic Life Coaching Program

Kerissa Kuis, MBA CEO of University of Wellness

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