In order to awaken the world to the light, the world needs more lightworkers. These light workers need to be fearless in business and in life so that nothing can stop them from leaving their mark on the world.

To be badass in business does not mean that you don’t feel fear. It means that you use your fear to fuel you, not to stand in your way. From my own experience, I realized that in order to be fearless in business we need the following:

  1. A tribe to support us in everything we do.
  2. Business and sales education and experience.
  3. A platform that allows people to know where to find our light.
  4. The ability to manifest abundance.
  5. Great spiritual techniques to get the ego out of the game.
  6. Mentorship to keep us focused on our goals.
  7. Hustle & Heart.

That’s why when I put the Straight UP Fearless Business Training together, I included every last one of these things.

This 3-month business master training will give you everything you need to literally light the world on fire with love. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to shine your light on the world, please continue reading the details for this program.

For the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of fitness, wellness, and spiritual professionals and entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

From building a clientele in person and online to creating business names, I specialize in it all. I have also helped many business owners form business structures and have created multi-million dollar business plans, . In this 3 month program, you will literally receive the knowledge of everything I know. Over the course of the next 3 months, I will help you not only become the greatest version of yourself but also help you create the business you always dreamed of.

This business master training is not for everyone. You have to be willing to do the inner work that it takes to make you a magnet for spiritual success. You also must cultivate the hustle & heart it takes to build a successful heart-centered business.

I am here to guide you and to support you but I will not do the work for you.

Are you a lightworker ready to increase your client base and your income, while overcoming all fear of change? Are you also ready to experience the energy and commitment of working with an enthusiastic team to grow your business? Do you need accountability and support? This three-month program will have you completely ready to reach a whole new level with your business! By the time you finish my Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training, you will have an amazing strategic annual plan and everything you need to make shit happen!

During the Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training, you will:

  • Receive a complete strategic annual plan
  • Learn how to create cutting-edge workshops and retreats
  • Learn to negotiate like a pro
  • Create digital products
  • Build your tribe
  • Create your own networking organizations and events
  • Learn sales skills that place you ahead of your competition
  • Learn how to build a heart-centered business
  • Become knowledgeable about ethical standards that all spiritual business owners should know
  • Learn how to acquire speaking engagements
  • Learn to speak with motivational expert public speaking techniques
  • Learn transformational coaching strategies

How does Business Master Training work?

All participants will receive a 90-minute strategy session with Kerissa at the beginning and the end, along with one private coaching session per month. Also, you will be added to our exclusive Facebook group, which adds an additional level of support because it allows our collective ideas and growths to be shared so that we can grow with each other. Culminating Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training, you will also receive a discount on the Straight Up Fearless Retreat package held at the 5 star, 5 diamond resort Nemacolin Woodlands Resort located in Pennsylvania.

What is the Curriculum for Straight Up Fearless Mastermind?

Prior to Week One: A Kickass initial strategy session with Kerissa will set you up for success! During this session, we will take a deep dive into your own business and life plan. This session will help you to become crystal clear on your goals and desires. You will be given a recording and a transcribed document outlining your annual plan which is divided into monthly goals.

Week One: Creating Your Niche and Gaining Business Clarity

During this week we will get super clear on your niche. Who is your target audience? Where do they shop? What do they buy? Where do they hang out? We will use this information so that you can gain clarity and really begin to tap into your market and niche in the most powerful ways possible.

Week Two: Manifesting Business Miracles

This week will have you laying out the biggest dreams and goals that you have for your business. You will become super clear so that you can manifest them into reality by removing all blocks to manifestation that are currently holding you back.

Week Three: How to Build a Client Base and How to Retain Clients; Coaching Strategies for Radical Transformation

Should I have a client list? Once I’ve finished a long or short-term coaching package with an individual client, how do I get them to keep coming back? These are all great questions and they are questions that I hear A LOT. We will explore these and more during week three. We will also be taking a look at coaching strategies that produce the quickest and most radical transformations.

Week Four: How to Build Awesome Coaching Packages that Keep Clients Knocking on Your Door

This is where you learn the components of a GREAT coaching package with bonuses to make anyone ready to sign right up!

Week Five: Building a Platform

I will walk you through the steps for building an awesome platform. This includes segments on websites, client lists, and social media. Learn to set the stage for your brand and own your marketing platform!

Week Six: How and Where to Partner for Success:

Who Are Your Ideal Partners? What do they have to offer you and what can you give them? Great partnerships are key to thriving businesses and during this week, I will teach you just how to create these partnerships, plus I will provide avenues for you to partner with others participating in my training.

Week Seven: Building and Creating Retreats and Workshops; Gaining Speaking Engagement Invitations

Hello! Who does not want to learn how to take their genius ideas and turn them into super engaging and kick ass retreats? You will also learn how to connect with the top people in your industry to land speaking engagements and more!

Week Eight: How to Partner with Corporations, Resorts, and More!

Have you ever wanted to hold an event or retreat but didn’t know where to start? I’ll share with you my experiences along with some killer tips so that you will be able to get your foot in the door ANYWHERE you desire!

Week Nine: Tap into Love: Using Emotional Freedom Technique in Your Personal and Business Life

We all have fears and obstacles that hold us back. Through Emotional Freedom Technique, I have been able to tap into love so that I am able to get fear out of my way and I can’t wait to share this with you!

Week Ten: Fearless Finances

Do you find yourself consumed with fear about money? Do you wish you had more money to do the things you love? During this segment, strategies for busting through money blocks and into a life and business of abundance will be provided!

Week Eleven: How to Write a Book: Is Self-Publishing Right For You?

I will lead you on a journey of deciding how to take your ideas from your mind to paper. What’s the best avenue for you to travel? You will learn about the necessary steps for both self-publishing and gaining the attention of mainstream publishers.

Week Twelve: How to Build a Global Business; Launching Digital Courses

Global business can seem to be a foreign world to navigate and I’m here to enlighten you! Digital Courses can also seem overwhelming, but I’ll teach you exactly the steps you need to share your brilliance with the world!

Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training also includes a weekly angel card reading and access to discounts from Straight Up Fearless partners!

Who Should Attend Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training?

If you have a sincere desire to grow and develop your spiritual business in a fearless way, Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training is for YOU! Twelve women will be accepted for the Straight Up Fearless Business Master Training each semester who are ready to bust through blocks in all areas of their lives from relationships to finances, career, and business. If you’re also ready to transform your business into the realm of extraordinary, please fill out an application!

This includes a 90-minute initial strategy session and another 90-minute strategy session at the conclusion.

Please click here to fill out the application or e-mail