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The University of Wellness is now bringing the dynamic University of Wellness Holistic Life Coaching™ Certification Program to people like YOU.


Do you have a desire to lead people to live healthier and happier lives?


Do you want to guide people through transformational life changes that allow them to live lives they love?


Are you ready to help others connect with their biggest dreams to reach beyond their maximum potential?


If you’ve answered these questions with a “Yes!” then the 6-month University of Wellness Holistic Life Coaching Certification Program is your next step in leading a MASSIVE revolution in the area of holistic life coaching.


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It’s about more than just fitness and diet.

At the University of Wellness, our group of expert life coaches, business development experts, and psychologists all understand that wellness is more than just fitness and diet—it’s about being successful in all areas of one’s life. That’s why we teach you everything you need to know to become the very best coach for your own clients.


Becoming a holistic life coach through our program requires serious dedication.

Our full program is in-depth and requires participants to attend a six- month online program. In addition, you will get your own private coach for the duration of your training.

During this certification, you will be trained in each of University of Wellness’ 9 Elements™

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • nutritional
  • emotional
  • financial
  • social
  • intellectual
  • occupational
  • and entrepreneurial wellness.

You will also be taught how to build an amazing online business including all the marketing tools required.


University of Wellness Holistic Life Coaching™ Certification Program

elements-4The Holistic Life Coaching Certification Program consists of six months of amazing and rigorous training in each of the nine elements of wellness, with spirituality at its core, so that you will be able to coach people through their biggest obstacles.

Each module will be focused toward one element so that you become an expert in all areas of Wellness.

In each of the six months and within each element, you will be given:

  • An all access pass to University of Wellness’ online training and resources platform
  • Sessions and support from a holistic life coach
  • Live calls and webinars
  • Resources for you to use with clients
  • Business tools and forms, along with the business education needed to literally build a successful live or online business
  • Support for building a platform, creating retreats, producing digital products, and developing group coaching programs
  • 250+ hours of education
  • Live Coaching Practice and Valuable Feedback
  • Membership in the University of Wellness Referral Network


If this holistic life coaching program sounds like it’s the one for you…

If you are dedicated to taking on a 6-month, rigorous educational program, in addition to your own practice…

If you are prepared to expand your knowledge base and help clients in the way you’ve been dreaming…

Then click below and let’s chat!

I would love to talk to you about the details of the course not listed here!


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